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Rooting Your Light Meditation

This is a powerful meditation for owning your energy field. We are in a time of shifting conciseness, and it is vital we OWN our energy field through intention. This meditation helps us to unplug from the changing paradigms and mass consciousness patterns of energy that can throw us off our Soul’s game, purpose and plan. It helps to protect your field from unwanted influences while calling back your power for centered Soul based decisions. Also, it helps on with creating emotional & energetic space around you so you can feel calm or grounded in all situations. Expanding magnetizing presence in unconditional love so that what you desire is more easily drawn to you.

When you connect on purpose through intention and this meditation - to the Divine and your Soul everyday MIRACLES manifest in your life. And your connection points to your own true nature (love and eternal innocence), healing powers, manifesting abilities increase. You create more happiness and foster a healthier relationship to the planet, others and nature - which aids us all! When you commit to working through your Soul's purpose for this incarnation, you will become a better attractor, and the law of attraction will work magically for and through you.

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