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Yoga Practice


Make a difference in your health - mind, body, emotions and Spirit. Meet the medicine of YOGA. Reclaim pain free movement and mobility.

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Of Daily, Weekly or Monthly Yoga Practices

  • Improves balance and strength

  • Boost immunity, reduce illnesses

  • Strengthen lungs

  • Calm overstimulated nervous system - relaxation, muscle pliability and inner calmness

  • Improved sleep and brain functions

  • Reduces anxiety with practice for on or off the mat

  • Increase flexibility, mobility, energy and stamina

  • Improve mind and heart connection

  • Strengthen compassion skills and vibes 

  • Magnetize peace and happy experiences to you

  • Reduce injury, pain and inflammation

  • Enhance moods & manage stress

  • Connects you with a nourishing & supportive community

  • Rebuilds your relationship with nature

  • Re-establishes a healthy and loving relationship with the body

  • Reconnects us to the intelligence of the body

Yoga Services

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Group Yoga


$55 for 8 class


-Dates and schedule announced every month

-Live classes in the comfort of your home

-Recordings send out each week so you never miss a class

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12 Week Corporate Wellness


- Yoga Based

- Fitness Based

- Blended Yoga & Fitness

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Private Yoga 1|1

Intro Package

3 Sessions 


Private Yoga 1|1

Renewal Package 

8 Sessions $600

10 Sessions $750


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