Energy Healing

Healing Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Cellular, generational, DNA healings & activations through ancient energy techniques & Creator 


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BODY. Mind. Heart. Guided by SPIRIT.

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Mystery School Trainings 

Embrace Life’s Challenges through Spiritual Empowerment

 Connect to Divine grace and your Spirit team for deep soul and cellular healing, guidance, and direction.  

Anchor ancient feminine teachings and wisdom practices. Dive deeper into your Soul gifts and spiritual techniques with 7 mystery school options each program listed below includes 5 sessions:


1. Divine Sensuality: Enhance your O’s. Reclaim sexual healing and sovereign divine sexuality. Restore your true tantric nature for powerful manifesting. Learn to use healing breathwork practices to enhance pleasure in all areas of life, clear stress, overwhelm or uncertainty



2. Moon Power & Mayan Calendar Training  

Learn to use the mayan moon calendar as well as New or Full Moon cycle to manifest powerfully



3. Lemurian Principles & Philosophy

How can we build nourishing, inclusive communities that support one another. With integrating Gaia into infrastructure, daily living and sustainablity practices. Learn you divine purpose and learn the framework to start a new path or deepen your current spiritual path



4. Lemurian Crystal Healing Techniques

Healing with crystals, sacred tones & sacred geometric energy gridwork



5. Integrating Meditation into your lifestyle

Establishing a daily meditation, pranayama or spiritual practice



6. Personal Moon Cycle (Menses) Training

Our cycles hold great wisdom and power that is often divorced form us in the over cultures shaming and misinformation. Learn the true power of YOUR monthly cycle and inner rhythms



7. Moon Mapping for Stress & Manifesting

Harness the New and Full Moon cycles to dissolve stress and work powerfully through challenges

$555 Package of 5 Sessions per offering

*Each session is 1hr-1.5hr long

**All session are LIVE and booked with each individual

**Payment plans available

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What is a Dream Interpretation Session?

Gather the messages, wisdom and sacred meaning of your dreams

Send me your dream and we can decipher it together. Understand the divine symbolism and hidden teachings held within all dreams. Also includes tools or advice to apply the rich wisdom into your daily living. 

Want to have a dream interpreted, it's simple...

1. Email me by clicking the link below; I'll send you a PayPal link and

request for the details of your dream.

2. Within 24 hours you will receive a full breakdown of your dream


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$11 Per Session (up to 10 dreams included)

Q: What is a Healing Session with JaydeCrystal like?

A: Soul healing layer by layer: Body. Mind. Heart. Spirit.


Situated in the middle of a healing circle and energetic, sacred geometrical grids set specifically for your energy signature.  Palpable - the work is done through light, intention, channelling, and intuition.  


  • Part ORACLE reading activating Soul guidance (actionable steps & tools) specifically cultivating a unique path FULL of clarity, joy, health, love.

  • Part ENERGY healing - bringing in LIGHTOCDES through conversation & energy work to your auric field to foster measurable transformation at all levels. Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

You do not have to be in the room, city, country or area to feel or receive the healing. This allows for global accessibility! 


Sessions will vary with each individual and are done distantly & in person - by telephone, video or online platforms or in my healing room.


Foundations = Creator

BODY. Mind. Heart. Guided by SPIRIT.

Divine. Alignment.

A great web of conscious, unconditional love, information, archives of creation - that aligns and births the Souls in all Hearts.


I respect your beliefs and your definition of a higher power. My resonance rests in Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Unity, and Peace.


The Source origin of energy in which all life emanates. A dynamic field of information (energy), consciousness divine matrix. With the ability to spark anything and everything. Unconditional Loving with Yin & Yang expressions. A power always available to guide, nourish, repair and restore us back to our pure health at all levels & joy.


God is omnipresent, is us & is LOVE.  Creator is everything - our Souls, the animals, nature. This presence is always working through us to evolve into more love, integrate our shadow sides. 

Divinity is ever communicating itself through the forms, language, and symbols that work best for your life experience and Soul language. Lemurian Healing is aligned to work with you and meet you where your belief system or Soul language aligns. 

All is one and aligned with Unconditional Love and Light of the Universe. 

Creator and the team of master teachers, committed to free all beings from suffering. Show up for us how we need, dependent on our life circumstances. The experiences of Deities, Angels, Sister Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints or Lightworkers - are just different aspects of Spirit expressing & experiencing itself. 





Words you will hear me us interchangeably with God - Universe, The Divine, One God, Divine Creator, Creator of All Things, Divinity, Creators', Spirit, All-Knowing, The One, Allah. Collectively or singly as Father and Mother God. The word "Soul"  could be interchanged with Full Potential Self, Self, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, Christ Self, Christ Consciousness, Vibrational being. 

“The children of the Cosmos prepared to reborn.  Playing their trumpet in the Ocean’s womb. Portrait of your Soul will be revealed. The touch of Lemuria…you can feel. Hearing echoes of Lemuria. Hear it…Coming home again.”




Wisdom & clarity to believe in yourself & beloved Creator...

Divinely directed specific action steps for you to take that create health, healing & happiness in your life...

Enhance intuition, healing abilities & understand Soul’s purpose & life path....

Unshakable inner peace; Finally feel full of Source - What you truly have been craving



Practical Healing: Traumas, Sports injury healing, head injury, mental illness, chronic conditions, joint, neurological, sexuality issues, Womb healing, fertility, stamina, energy, body changes, metabolic reset, DNA shifts, nerve conditions, patterns of self harm, relieve pain addiction


Clarity in purpose & life priorities, motivation, mental illness, worry, overthinking, repeating loops, confidence, self esteem, focus, organization, generational curses, psychic attacks, entity possession, relieve various addictions & co-dependancy habits


Create supportive habits, emotional intelligence, heart break, grieving, heart opening, deep connection to the truth of all that is & Creator of all that is; Reestablishing your Spiritul navigation system, reattunement to the truth of your eternal nature

Create lasting strength, healthy boundries & stability

3 Myths About Energy Healing

“I must be religious or spiritual to benefit from a reading or healing session.”

Anyone can majority benefit from an energy healing session no matter their religious position, spiritual beliefs or practices.  The premise of Lemurian energy healing is service to the path of unconditional love and light, with no dogma or doctrine. Sessions can be tailored to be non-denominational at the client’s request.

“Am I worshiping outside of God? Is this a sin or connected to negative energies.”

Not at all. If anything your getting closer to your Beloved Creator. True divine guidance from Source or these lightworkers of the Divine Creator guidance is warm, pure and loving.  It would never ask you to hurt yourself or anyone else, this is how you can decipher what is true guidance or not. Throughout any of these services you are connecting to Source, and are connecting to your divine identity, your God self, the soul. Your spirit team is an extension of the one Creator and unconditional love.

“Energy healing sessions are a replacement for medical treatment.”

Absolutely not, Energy healing treatments are an alternative form of care and are very complimentary to your medical program depending on the situation.  You should always follow doctors advice, stay on recommended medication and have a well-built team of varying medical professionals to pull guidance from at all times.

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