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I am a integrative health coach, yogini, philanthropist, entrepreneur & soul therapist - committed to helping you to live your purpose and build the happiest, healthiest life imaginable! My mission is to guide as many conciouss empaths & lightworkers, as possible to connect deeply to their Soul’s purpose. Grounding organization & direction to build beautiful happy and healthy lives & businesses that enrich the world.


My name is Jayde Crystal, allow me to introduce myself

Namaste! My Soul bows to the love and light in yours!


"Born in the beautiful Rockie Mountains of Alberta Canada and raised in the sunny, gorgeous Okanagan Valley - I always had a passion for the sacred relationship, the divine feminine, masculine, esoteric studies, helping others & the planet.  Born to circumstances beyond my control, that tested me to my core but gifted me with empathy, strength and cherished healing abilities.  I preserved and am proud to say I have helped others to build the health and life of dreams." ~ JC


Jayde Crystal's journey began first by healing her own experiences of various childhood trauma, addiction, obesity & hostile mindset and crippling behavioural habits.  With the singular goal of building a truly healthy and happy lifestyle.  This began through the study of Clairvoyance training, Angel Therapy, Pranic Healing & Personal Training in 2009. 


The foundation our programs is blends of yoga, wholistic nutrition, energy healing & strength conditioning with advance spiritual practices and mindset transformation work . For the past 10 years, our consciousness based health programs - aligning body, mind, heart into alignment, governed by Spirit has naturally evolved my work into transformational wellness coaching. Passionately working with hundreds of people to successfully creates permanent & sustainable changes in health, body, or to redesign lifestyle.


Company Values…

Give Back

I am so happy to share that starting April 1, 2018 - 5% of all proceeds will go to charities for Ocean Clean Up or Sex Trafficking Justice. Stay connected to us on Instagram @jaydecrystalcoaching for annual announcements of what charities we sponsor each year & how much we can help, together. With more charity partnerships to be announced.  All activity is independent of, and not endorsed or sponsored by, these charities.

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Pranic 7 Levels:



-Pranic Psychotherapy

-Spiritual Business Management 


-Arthatic Prep

Holodynamics Life Coaching Consultant

Canfit Pro Personal Fitness Specialist & Fitness Instructor Specialist

200HR Akhanda Yoga 

85HR Mamata Yoga Pre-Natal

25HR Yin 

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