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"I am a integrative health coach, yogini, philanthropist, entrepreneur & Soul therapist - committed to helping you to live your purpose and build the happiest, healthiest life imaginable! My mission is to guide as many conscious empaths, healers, starseeds, earth angels, awaking women & lightworkers - as possible to know and organize deeply around their Soul’s purpose. Bridging any gaps in skill, awareness, or behaviours; healing traumas or breaking through stuck patterns to succeed at their mission. Co-activating divine organization, grounding, direction, cellular repair & reprogramming  within each individual guided to me, to build the inner foundations for thriving beautiful happy, healthy lives & businesses that enrich the world. My Soul bows in love and light to yours.

~ Namaste JC"


My name is Jayde Crystal, allow me to introduce myself...



Born in the beautiful Rockie Mountains of Alberta Canada and raised in the sunny, gorgeous Okanagan Valley - Jayde Crystal has always had a passion for the Creator of All That Is; sacred relationship, sacred geometry, the divine feminine, masculine, esoteric studies of ancient civilizations, helping others transcend and transform, as well as improving use of the planet resources and societal structures.  Born to circumstances beyond her control, that tested her to the core - but gifted her with ability to overcome and heal deep traumas; stamina, clairvoyance, empathy, strength, self-value and multitude of healing abilities.  Preserved and proud to have helped thousands of others to build the spiritual & physical health; love, confidence and life of their dreams.


Jayde Crystal's journey began first by healing her own personal experiences of various childhood trauma, neglect, & defensive mindset which created obesity, additions and crippling behavioural/relational habits.  With the singular goal of building a truly healthy and happy lifestyle at all levels body, mind, heart and Spirit.  This began through the study of a quantum science based lifecoaching courses; clairvoyance training, Angel Therapy, Pranic Healing and other modalities of energywork including Thetahealing and Reki & Personal Fitness Training in 2009. 


We help awakened woman transform their behaviours & health - body, mind, heart via spirit. Transforming mindsets ingrained habits and behaviour, through spiritual connection, past life attonement/exploration, advanced energetic repair and cellular reorganization. 


Restoring Divine identity, inherent worthiness, confidence, self-esteem, fertility, sacred expression, authenticity, inner magic, creativity, cultivating balanced masculine & feminine energetics. Helping people reclaim their self-healing capacity at all level of being, along with their ability to self sustain and live their highest destiny & Soul purpose for this lifetime.

The foundation our programs is blends of yoga, meditation, quantum cellular re-programming, wholistic nutrition, energy healing & strength conditioning with advance spiritual practices for cellular, behavioural & mindset reformation work . For the past 10 years, our consciousness based health programs - aligning body, mind, heart into an alignment - governed by Spirit, has naturally evolved into transformational wellness coaching. Passionately working with thousands of people to successfully creates permanent & sustainable changes in all key areas of life to establish a fullfilling and joyful living experience.


Company Values

Give Back

I am so happy to share that starting April 1, 2018 - 5% of all proceeds will go to charities for various world challenges. Stay connected to us on Instagram @jaydecrystalcoaching for annual announcements of what charities we sponsor each year & how much we can help, together. With more charity partnerships to be announced.  All activity is independent of, and not endorsed or sponsored by, these charities.

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Pranic 7 Levels:



-Pranic Psychotherapy

-Spiritual Business Management 


-Arthatic Prep

Holodynamics Life Coaching Consultant

Canfit Pro Personal Fitness Specialist & Fitness Instructor Specialist

200HR Akhanda Yoga

200 HR Sakayla Yoga 

85HR Mamata Yoga Pre-Natal

25HR Yin Yoga Training 

Hay House Angel Therapy Oracle Reading 


"Thanks to my clarity and support in changing my circumstance. I am thankful for all of your help guidance and assistance. It was instrumental in helping me to reach this best possible scenario at work. 

Sharing my gratitude and also joy for you and all the angels who assisted me and helped me to ask for help. 

A.H. - Edmonton, AB

When I first learned about figure competitions, I doubted that I would be able to get there. At the time, I didn’t have confidence in my own dedication and abilities. When I met you in early 2013, I was intimidated. You are a smart, strong woman and I knew that to achieve my goal, I would have to work my butt off. I quickly learned that not only do you know your stuff but that you genuinely care about your clients. When I was frustrated or discouraged, you picked me up. 


I knew that bodybuilding is typically a “dirty” sport and that there are competitors and coaches who will do anything to win. When I told you that I wasn’t interested in taking steroids or diuretics you had my back. This is something that I will never forget. I am truly grateful that you supported my decision regardless of what anyone else said. 


Jayde, you trained me hard. I got stronger both mentally and physically and I could not have done it without your passion and encouragement. With your support, I lost about 20 lbs and gained tremendous strength and confidence. I learned proper form. I learned not to be scared of barbells, free weights or the squat rack. I learned to love to lift heavy and sweat. My 6th place finish in my first figure competition is really because of you. I enjoyed the experience of pushing myself and of achieving a goal and would not have been able to do it without you. 


I will admit, the few months after the competition, I have grown lazy. But this week, I heard your voice in my head, and decided to get off my butt and keep going. No one is going to do this for me. 


I have decided that this year I will compete in Femsport – a strength and obstacle race done in teams and individually. It’s like the Strongman competition for women! I am also considering training for a Spartan Race… It looks badass. J

Megan M - Edmonton Ab

"Jayde’s readings provide individual support, helpful information including specific messages for you from your angels and spirit guides, and effective recommendations for living a more holistic life integrating mind, body, and soul."

Heather G - Edmonton AB

“I want to thank-you for everything you taught me at the gym.  I’ve been following your workout plan for 8 weeks now and I am now down from a 40 waist to a 36.  Thank-you again for helping me find confidence & take back my health. I feel so good about myself again.”

Matt L. - Edmonton, AB

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