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Auric Field First-Aid - Full Moon in Capricorn June 27

“This ending comes as grace to free you from all that you have known, for what you have known is now too small for your soul. Bear your uncertainty with equanimity.” Alana Fairchild ~ Rumi Oracle Deck


This full moon in CANCER brings a much-needed break and relaxation to the intestines of the past 6 moons. It is a resting phase that allows the clearings & challenges you have faced up to this point to integrate their wisdom on to you, to further open up our hearts.

We are meant to surrender to this, to ourselves (self-acceptance) & our lives as they are - cultivating a deep sense of gratitude moment to moment. This full moon brings softer energy with it as long as we surrender to what is; if we try to force our will, avoid our soul callings - the universe will increase the pressures on you until you bow. When we bow to our pain and let it open us, light can pour through and make you into an even better version of yourself. Surrender, kneel and give in to love and simplicity.

The media bombards us with violent and graphic images which for most has caused a de-sensitization and a numbing out of our emotions. This overculture conditioning can also create many fears and resistance within us. Since we can never lose our inherent innocence, this moon’s influences is seeking to purge us of this!

Working smarter not harder - finding more simple and harmonious ways of doing the same things you already are to reduce stress and tension. Creative solutions that are the most peaceful (yet not always the easiest) way to accomplish a task or goal is a theme for this full moon.

Energy influences & sacrifices to create your highest good:

For some, this means emotional re-calibration & re-sensitivity of your emotional and mental auric field. Emotions are our compass and meant to point us down our soul path and highest purpose. If we are numbing out, we lose access to this powerful guidance system. Your EGO will be tempted and stimulated as a test of initiation. Are you serious about change? Do you want to be your BEST self? Ask "How can I grow here?"

Use the influences of this moon to restore your intuition and wisdom. Beneficial at this time is a truthful reflection of your beliefs and the mental stories we replay. How have they created and affected our lives up to this point? Absorb the healing vibrations; the moon is sending us at this time by breathing slowly and deeply; soften back into the moment & cultivate the appreciation for the many fulfilling things around you. Remember to call on the God of your understanding, universal support or your soul before engaging these reflections or during any challenges (moment to moment).

Venerable feelings will be revealed, and you may feel heavy or sad. These are just old sometimes ancient energy patterns leaving the body. Don’t worry this will not be your normal state if you honor this ending by taking time out to renew yourself and restore.

Rest, relaxation, choosing positive thoughts and filling the body with nourishing food or drink will help to restore your energy levels and calm the nervous system. Working smarter not harder, being happy with where you are and what you have. Spend time falling in love with the beauty of nature and your Soul by exploring your hearts callings. Carving out time to mindfully enjoy or connect with nature! Even if it’s dinner or stargazing in your backyard. Just don’t forget your natural bug spray!!

Actions to take to align harmoniously with this moon’s energy:

1. This weeks meditation is Self Love & Releasing Toxic Shame which can aid you in desensitizing your energy field to reap the benefits of this moon. Recommended schedule: 3 times during the week, at a time you can stay awake during the meditation. Replay 2 times whilst falling asleep. Get to it by clicking HERE

2. Pinterest some healthy and delicious recipes to nourish your body 2x this week as opposed to eating out.

3. Stargaze in the evening grab a blanket and find a beautiful spot outside.

4. Journal about your experiences and honestly evaluate what you are holding on to (trying to control). Also, note what emotional cycles your having plus what these emotions are teaching you.

5. Get to a yoga class to melt away stress and tension.

6. Be mindful of your breath throughout the day, seek to slow it down and to breathe deeply into the belly and up the length of the spine - especially in times of stress.

7. NAP - anytime anywhere, allow yourself the space to rest and relax. Better yet take a nap outside in a hammock, at a park or beach!

8. Turn your cell phone on silent or off for a couple of hours. Unplug and get your feet in some grass, sand or earth, and science has proven this to restore and renew the electromagnetic field around the body!

As always remember you are loved - appreciate yourself so you can feel this deeply in every cell. Keep trying to grow, but you are you for a reason your so-called weaknesses serve the world. Learn to work with them, honor them by seeing the value they add. The full moon is a time for release, so I have included my signature Full Moon Journal as a downloadable PDF! Click HERE!

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