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Sagittarius Full Moon May 30, 2018

"We must heal the insecurities inheriated through patriarchy that keep us caged." Rebecca Campbell "Rise Sister Rise."

As we continue to anchoring the divine feminine energy that will heal the planet and balance the wounded masculine; restoring DIVINE masculinity and DIVINE femininity. It is helpful to know what we are moving into and why. It is a time for us to heed the earth's callings - because she will outsurvive us. For us all to reclaiming sexuality, fertility and sensuality as empowered, patient and confident females - not from a desperate, fearful, hungry, weak or powerless place. Knowing your worth and value - from deep within and it presenting itself across your whole presence.

The next 14 days I recommend letting the moon's energies support you in connecting and expressing the divine feminine (try the sacred cave meditation included in this email). Letting sensuality, softness, compassion, and grace pour through you without feeling uncomfortable with the attention or feelings. Soak up adoration and adore yourself, pamper yourself. Create boundaries in which to grow your soul and to govern your the growth of your best self. Tear down emotional walls “protecting" your heart and be your real, person - sincere and expressed with highest integrity and sincerity. As well as recovering all the joy and glory of the mysterious female. Since the last moon you already named your desires to the Universe - this plus, unhindered, true expression will help your being to attract what you desire, drawing them in rather than chasing them.

To experience this, we must clear out conditioning and woundings. We must look deep into ourselves and bring soul there. Choose from integrity and stop lying to ourselves. As well as stop letting “what everyone else does” guide us. Connect to your own soul (simply by asking) and your own heart - then listening as it unfolds the map (guidance) for you.

The first over culture influence this moon’s energies are pointing at for cleansing and release is pornography. Porno has an undercurrent of abuse and portrays the idea that innocence is unreal, love is weak or that women and children like pain or to be treated disrespectfully. Domination is also glorified, and pain is woven into arousal. This confuses the true divine definitions and energy dances of the divine masculine and feminine or Sacred relationship. By assessing your relationship with sexuality, your own innocence, any sexual shaming or harsh belief systems about sex or being sensual you can begin to see either how to heal yourself. As well as how to deepen relationships to build genuinely fulfilling, nurturing and joy-filled experiences. This also means if you have experienced abuse - sexual, emotional or physical, the universe is calling you to gently view this experience and surrender it to the Soul or universe for new perceptions and total healing. Again playing on the energies of the last few moons of forgiveness and laying down OTHER people’s issues or karma. They passed their pain and wounding energies on to you…but that doesn’t mean anything is wrong WITH you. Now, this energy is your responsibility - so as not to pass it along again, it is yours to heal. You are not meant to burden this alone though. Call upon the GOD of your understanding and ask for help, surrender to a higher power that loves you and wants to help. Every experience that we have had was planned before we got here and meant for this great path - to evolve humanity into more love. By working with your wounds, the whole evolves.

Sex is beautiful. Orgasm is gorgeous and powerful. Just keep it real and clean. Watch erotica instead of porn. Take tantric yoga or sensuality classes like the extended massive orgasm program. Experiment and experience your sensual self without the influence of what our overculture - religion or media tells us. Seek to discover real ways of being, moving; uniting with your lover and what feels sensational to your unique body, mind, and spirit. Praying to Mother God for guidance, to help teach and guide you back into our natural expressions.

The next big universal spotlight is on“Mother wounding” because the pornography and the abuse above is also an interplay or disrespect or suppression of the real divine feminine. That has lead to a harsh and over exaggerated, aggression and violent expression of masculine. To restore both the masculine and feminine to divine harmony and expression through unconditional love and back to truth, our divine birthright. We can also look to our relationships with our mothers. Our expressions as mothers, how we nurture and care for ourselves; what partners we choose, our confidence levels, self-expression and the homes we build.

The universe is shining a spotlight on any sore spots to do with mother issues. Forgiveness of the past, mothers, self and any women in your life is vital. As well as surrendering to Soul any problems, habits, dramas, challenges or issues that come up. Especially if they feel so big and you don’t know how to heal them.

Part of anchoring the feminine is to look at these areas and wounds or unexpressed pain with love and without any need to change them (Mother God). To allow and accept - then surrender them to a higher power to heal them (Father God). It is simple yet not always easy. Pray for courage to look and to see. Then continue to trust that if you have done this and ASKED for healing, it will be delivered. We are divine children of God and not meant to suffer. We came to a planet that is filled with suffering to help evolve it because many here have forgotten their divine birthright and power to choose; or where we came from or how to trust that. Ask, and it is given. Seek, and ye shall find. Remember who you are dear one.

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