Meditation Coaching -12 Week Program

Meditation Coaching -12 Week Program


Learn to connect with the unlimited light and love of the universe in this 12-week  program to recharge and renew every layer in your being.  Connect to Divine and your Spirit team for deep soul and cellular healing, guidance and direction. Reclaim your inner peace and power in unconditional love. 


All ages can learn & benefit from this non-denominational Live Online 12- Week Meditation Training, including: 


1. The fundamentals of building a unique Meditation program 

2. Building a daily practice around your life

3. Meditation philosophy 

4. Twelve recorded guided meditational practices

5. Scalable Meditation techniques - to use in moments of extreme stress or on the go


Includes 6 x 30-45 minute sessions.  Over your favourite video platform! Available internationally through distance healing over your favourite video platform or in person if in Canada, Alberta