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Meditation Coaching - 6 Session Program

Meditation Coaching - 6 Session Program


Learn to connect with the unlimited light and love of the universe in this 12-week program to recharge and renew every layer in your being.  Connect to Divine and your Spirit team for deep soul and cellular healing, guidance and direction. Reclaim your inner peace and power in unconditional love. 


All ages can learn & benefit from this non-denominational Live Online 6 - Bi-Weekly Meditation Training, delivered over 12 weeks including: 


1. The fundamentals of building a unique Meditation program 

2. Building a daily practice around your life

3. Meditation philosophy 

4. 6 LIVE meditational practices

5. Scalable Meditation techniques - to use in moments of extreme stress or on the go


Includes 6 x 45 minute sessions. Available internationally over video platform.


    If you have booked online you will be contacted within 24 hours, Mon-Sat to schedule your session. Anything booked on Sunday you will be contacted Monday before the end of the day. In person bookings can be scheduled on the spot.

    If you’ve booked an hour or block of hours and need to cancel, there’s no fee as long as you give at least 24 hours notice.  For cancelations made in less than 24 hours or no-shows, I deduct the time from your package.  Same goes if you bought a single hour or any minute timed plans. Any service will begin within 10 mins of the agreed upon time, anything outside of this window could cause the session to be rescheduled or postponed.


    When you invest in a service with me, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. This effects how many other clients I can take on.  For that reason I don’t offer refunds.  To make sure my method is right for you I recommend booking a 30 min reading or individual coaching session to start.  If you decide on a package after the initial session we can apply the fee from that service towards the total price of your purchase.


     A sessions may be re-scheduled or postponed 2 times, anything outside of that will result in loss of session. It is up to the practitioner to determine if you are physically or mentally prepared for a scheduled session and if you are deemed unfit or for any reason it is unsafe to continue a session, practitioner holds the right to re-schedule, postpone or cancel the session.


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