Moon Maps

Image by Anderson Rian

Powerful Healing Journal Templates that flow with the lunar calendar for optimized healing.

Through writing Spirit manifests as Physical - alchemization, healing, manifesting, starseed DNA activations, miracles, love. Teachings from the Master Teachers & Creator. RE-connect to Spirit, Soul, Gaia and your Guides.



Experience all our programs. Monthly goals, accountability, organization & monthly inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle. Support and community to put your self-care and health first.

 ~ Regenerative wellness programs, weight loss, functional strength movement classes, activations, healings, mediations, book club, sound baths, Soul journey's, yoga, HIIT , community, service, manifesting, ceremony

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.

Sculpt Your Peach 

Image by Meghan Holmes

Hiit based program to give your strong hips, flutes & thighs with beautiful curves, shape and a strong core. Digital Program​.

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.



Powerful cellular activations and theta mediations that heal, transform and connect you to your soul gifts, purpose, spiritual guides, angels, ancestors star realms & Creator of All That Is

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.

Pre-Natal & Post Natal 

Image by Taisiia Stupak

Pre-natal and post natal training & yoga programs. Private sessions, digital programs, group events & pre-registry. Including fertility.

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.