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Rising Goddess 

Tune into the magic within.

Master training program for woman who feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed by the world, stuck in repetitive inner conflicts. Who are not able to anchor their highest visions for their relationships, work, health or manifestions into life consistently. Anchor in a consistent daily habits that empower & enliven. Ignite magic and Radiance.

Body. Mind. Heart. Spirit.

Image by Morgan Sessions


Experience all our programs. Monthly goals, accountability, organization & monthly inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle. Support and community to put your self-care and health first.

 ~ Regenerative wellness programs, weight loss, functional strength movement classes, activations, healings, mediations, book club, sound baths, Soul journey's, yoga, HIIT , community, service, manifesting, ceremony

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.


Sculpt Your Peach 

Hiit based program to give your strong hips, glutes & thighs with beautiful curves, shape and a strong core. Digital Program​.


Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.

Image by Meghan Holmes


Powerful cellular activations and theta mediations that heal, transform and connect you to your soul gifts, purpose, spiritual guides, angels, ancestors star realms & Creator of All That Is

Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.

Image by jasper benning

Pre-Natal & Post Natal 

Pre-natal and post natal training & yoga programs. Private sessions, digital programs, group events & pre-registry. Including fertility.


Body . Mind . Heart. Spirit.

Image by Taisiia Stupak
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