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Jayde Crystal Coaching

 Clear. Heal. Alchemize.  

Helping powerful, sensitive WOMEN who feel stuck or overwhelmed, activate their highest potentials & inner MAGIC. Coaching that powerfully transforming EXPERIENCES in happiness, love, confidence, health & purpose.

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Not sure where to start? No problem... I can map it out with you in a free 30m consult. Click the link below to schedule:

You have a special offering that benefits the world.

Tune into your Magic


It is my mission to connect you to the Creator & help you remember you are powerful beyond measure. You are DESTINED to live a RADIANT full, beautiful, abundant life! With deeply nourishing relationships, in a healthy, shapely body.  You have a special PURPOSE to serve the world. It is needed. The time is now. Standing in our power & taking our proper place as loving stewards of this beautiful planet - nature, animals and all beings living in peace and harmony. 

Using a blend of ancient healing practices, simple sacred methods that work in harmony with your soul & the ecosystems of life. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, strength conditioning & lemurian energetic reprogramming to transmute long held subconcious self-sabetouge, reacquiring life patterns or stuck generational patterns. 

Namaste - Jayde Crystal 

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