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JC’s Soul Gemz - New Moon Blog “Your bi-weekly mental & emotional auric field first aid kit.”

Cancer New Moon Blog

“Removing blame means never assigning responsibility to anyone for what you're experiencing.” Wayne Dyer

Releasing resentments & cultivation of peace and love. Releasing any ideas of victimization or blame - an emotional purge of the past can be exactly what you need. Reaching for new levels of forgiveness. Begin by blessing those you are the most triggered by. This can be someone who hurt you, abused you, or abandoned you - “May he/she be blessed.” Often we don’t do this because we want to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Let’s begin to let our spirit team and guardian angels do that. And unburden yourself from the task; let that energy go. Forgive them. Today. Neutralize toxic energy within and create SPACE for the new to manifest. Forgiving as a profound act that reverberates out into the auric web connecting all hearts and out into the cosmos to neutralize the vibrations of violence. One pain is passed from one to another it is now yours. It doesn’t matter it’s original origin point. We hold the responsibility to heal it.

Forgiveness of self - cultivation of the connection to our soul & higher guidance within. Specifically through self-expression in the words of Wayne Dyer

“Be what you stand for don’t stand against, NOT what you hate bc you add to that energy. ”

By meeting violence with violence, we make more violence. Instead meet doubt with faith, sadness with joy… like the great prayer of Saint Francis suggests. We must condition ourselves to choose love, soften with compassion and empathy. Be what you wish to see. Be peace and joy. Be forgiveness.

By releasing resentment, the blame of other and instead focus on turning your attention to what it is you do stand FOR. If it's peace - be, speak about and conversate with others about peace and how to create it in our daily experiences. What there is going on around your or within you that is truly beautiful. Something you can appreciate you move into the vibration of Empowerment & Acceptance. When we can get honest with ourselves about what stories you're telling yourself repetitively that are scaring you or hurting you and CHANGE them. You can accept your own humanity and allow others there. Civility and compassion can take the lead in our communities. You can start to feel at ease with life. Owning your truth and seeing to express that in a way that doesn’t hurt others, will help you feel more fulfilled and purposeful from within.

Taking these steps to anchor the vibration of forgiveness, (freedom) - will also improve our relationships and heal the dating culture we are amidst right now. Men/ women conflict in bonds right now is caused by fear of being venerable (overprotection). Learning to be vulnerable to the protection of our clear boundaries. And identifying who is safe to be genuinely vulnerable with to establish the fulfilling relationships, we crave. Do actions match words? Not blowing past “red flags” but not overly dramatizing them. Just using them as signs or information as if to whether you are in the right “place.” The universe left a map to our perfect expression and experiences are your signposts.

It’s not entirely their fault or ours (by this I mean men or women), but to feel better, we attack the other and assign blame. This judgment doesn’t serve anyone as we then deceive ourselves about who we are, who they are - and we withhold the loving connection we DEEPLY crave from each other. Creating painful emotional waves. We aren’t meant to pass judgment over one another - we are built to seek out information about the other and use our intuition to decide if we are a good match or connection.

Illusion and disconnect between what we are doing (= who we are in this moment becomes who we are all the time) and who we long or wish to be. If in a pattern of deceiving ourselves -the universe is releasing us from this on the emotional and mental levels. A transformative gateway is opened to us and we access it by cultivating spirit’s power through centring, the right inquiry, forgiveness and compassionate express. First to ourselves so that we become so full it bubbles out of us to all we come across. To become our best selves, to live by Soul which is what we are truly all craving and starving for is further amplified by the Mayan New Year coming July 25. This energetic gateway calls you in

And before I leave you this new moon, I have one last note meant to help you cultivate some gratitude right now at this moment. Ponder this - Friday the 13th for centuries was considered a Lucky and Blessed day. Did you notice any luck or blessings today? What are you thankful for?

Youtube this week!

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With all the moon is stirring up into our attention at this time you may feel overwhelmed and like most not sure what to do. This can be a scary place to be, but if you know how to handle it, it can be a rich, and treasure-filled land mind to cultivating power and presence. My youtube this week speaks of a Lemurian healing process of dynamic re-coding with some self-healing practices. If you feel a call to energy healing, this can give you some building blocks for starting or deepening your practice. It can also help you rewire any stuck energy patterns - stubborn unforgiveness, resentment, anger, frustration, numbness, lack of confidence. All of which can lead to physical symptoms of depression, weight gain, low energy, low sex drive, headaches, emotional highs-lows, chronic health conditions and sleep issues. Can be rewired through this healing process.

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