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Own Your POWER this New Moon - June 13 New Moon in Gemini

Photo credit: Citlalli Ayala

“My mind is alert, and my physical body is relaxed. My mind is alert, and my physical body is relaxed. My mind is alert, and my physical body is relaxed.”- Matt Kahn

It’s that time again! Cozy up in your sacred space. Grab your favorite bevy, and let's talk about this new moon in Gemini!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by to do’s? Time-starved? And just plain pressured? Even more than lately?

The last moon we talked about clearing “mother woundings,” bringing balance to our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - especially the expression of our behavior as it relates to the root chakra. As this continues to unfold for us, try to get out of the head and into the body by



-any joyous movement

-art or creative projects

-pray before cooking or starting anything (like workouts or a work project) to bring the divine & your soul into it

This will assist in integrating the new energy programs coming in through the crown chakra, and convert passion into physical expression which creates emotional harmony.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by to do’s & feeling time starved

Crown Chakra integration - which means our auric fields are receiving deep downloads of new perspectives, ideas and specific instructions on how to live our your purpose. You will notice Heightened intuition coming through as visions (awake or powerful dreams).

This new energy shifts coming through is also helping to balance the root chakra clearing we starting shifting through last moon. We need to continue to rebalance our root chakra through connection to the earth. Connection to real substances that come from nature and require minimum energy for the body to process help it to relax deeply, aids us in calming our nervous system, the mind and emotions. Bringing inner peace and balance into all that you do, feel and experience. Here are some suggestions on how to connect deeply to our sacred planet:

-Drink tea

-Eat rich dark greens; veggies & fresh fruit

-Use essential oils - sides of neck; inner indent of foot; spine at the neck

-Soaks into skin and come about pores

-Walk barefoot

-Get near water

-Moon calendars or ceremonies

If your a female, connect to your monthly cycle to bring balance to how you feel and settle into a confident, empowered you which helps all areas of life through:

-my sacred cave meditation I shared in the last Full Moon blog:

Then really get outside in nature. Seriously take it in. Feel it, appreciate it. The fresh air, the wind tickling your skin. The sounds and birdsongs. The Greenery. The heat, the warm or even coolness of the summer rains.

Reconnect with your body by meditating on what it needs and renewing the relationship with it, listen to it when it sends a symptom or illness. It’s trying to communicate with you and create what you truly desire - a healthy and harmonious environment. Stick to live, living foods, whole foods and naturally sourced supplements like chlorella. Fill it mentally and emotionally with what uplifts you and inspires you. That being said, be careful not to numb out and ignore emotional wounds or pain or intuitional discernment to “be positive” all the time. That is not natural, and can actually be counterproductive to our healing. Respect that all emotions can be positive, beautiful & treasured teachers. Then the negative will lose its intensity. You can start acting from wisdom, conscious choice - as opposed to reacting from ignored emotions.

Make sure you are letting the universe know what you want (daily visualization), and that you won’t settle for anything less! If you haven’t by now, make your vision board! Base it on your deepest desires, your wildest dreams. Then spend time envisioning YOU living this each day. Also, notice how life will naturally draw to that which you need to have it! Believe in yourself! And lastly get in the flow of gratitude! How can you receive anything else if you are not grateful for what you already have? Furthermore, it just feels DARN GREAT to feel happy with what you already have. You can even start to find joy in good things all around us. Creativity begins to flow through you to inspire happy, fun ideas on things to do.

Use this week's meditation to tap into the flow of gratitude. Tap into the creative stream, unending flow of gratitude, cultivate more inner peace and relax in the place you're at, complete acceptance in the NOW. Be appreciative of the body, our vessel to build our dreams. By reconnecting to the body, earth, the flow of gratitude, envisioning the future you want will help to ground your root chakra firmly helping you to get organized and settled. Tapping into this field is where all the magic happens because you can ground ideas, finish projects or be inspired to see an idea (like a business or creative project) through to the end. This meditation also helps empaths & lightworkers who get overwhelmed by the ideas flowing through them continuously, yet can't ground them into viable work. Also, this energy connection helps to manage the sensitivity that comes with these gifts.

Namaste dear ones!

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