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NEW Moon In Taurus May 15

Better late then never! Here is your full Moon Blog for the New Moon that just happened two days ago! The influences of this moon are all about the alchemy of the spirit into your everyday world. Personal transformation - the fusion of spirit and matter. The moon continues to bring awareness within so we can identify shame or guilt and release the past. Letting go you create space for the new!

It is also about creating a new relationship with time - making it a friend rather than a foe. And using it to build your highest life. The paradigm is ending where once we could coast and choose what landed in front of us. The universe is calling us to reclaim our power and divine identity; these changes are felt at the levels of the lowest chakras and the life areas these govern.

Solar Plexus Chakra Changes and Effects:

Another Paradigm shifting is in the old paradigm was we would complain about our issues and our problems and all the things holding us back. But wouldn’t have a solution for it, so would end up in an endless cycle of complaints. The new paradigm is finding the tools that we need to overcome and change it at all levels of your being. When we shift it at the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual we improve it for good and pull the evolution of humanity into a better future. This heals the world and aligns us with the actual laws of the universe that all beings are governed by, unconditional love.

It may seem like problems are repeating themselves but fear not. We are being tempted by “old,” but they are just a test for you to claim your energy field and your power softly yet powerfully with love. No “shielding” or “cutting”.... you don’t need “protection” bc you are powerful. You are a divine being - you ask and believe, it is delivered. If you’re struggling there with this, it’s because you’re not accepting your TRUE nature.

The angels tell us "You need to accept yourself, stop judging, forgive, release shame in your likes or dislikes. Just be you. Except and be with who you are. All of the energies within you. They are yours no matter where they came from they are now yours to heal. Do not throw them at others - if they’re painful to ask us for help; if they’re not serving you, find a way to release them. There are so many techniques available now to help you advance into the best soul possible. Your ability to trust yourself and to claim divine identity and purpose is a vital key to happiness. Absolute faith and confidence in who you are - is being called forth from you at this time. Don’t worry if you feel like your failing; you can only succeed. It is already written, you WILL realize all of your dreams. The time has come to gently castaway the attachments of your past and build a foundation for the new and beautiful adventure unfolding before you."

Sacral Chakra Changes and Effects:

Overculture only allows us to express our creative energy mostly through sex lower chakra if we can mix sexual energy and bring it up and to transmuted into our Ajna chakra we can create the energy needed to evolve past our sabotage and any challenges. Tantric yoga and pranayama can help with this! Check out my favorite Layla Martin YouTube for great ideas!! Remember this quote by Lisa A Romano “Sex without love is just a form of aerobic activity; sex and bonded to another and when in love becomes a form of secret divine power.” Sexual energy when matched to intentions manifests miracles, creates energy and keeps us youthful.

Matched with faith - if you believe in enough you know what you’re doing you’re aligned with your soul, and you're considerate of the earth as well as a community you will manifest exceptionally at this time.

Combined with taking divinely inspired direction - "steering the wheel" if you do not direct your life, it will take off on its own which is those wasteful and dangerous. And remember that paradigm is ending. We are now asked to choose our direction to select our intentions to reach for our future. To want our desires is not enough, name them by writing them out, (most of us don't do this because we are afraid we can't manifest them).

Also pointed at here to bring this chakra into balance is self-reflection work done with the intention to know the inner depths of your soul. (Sound repetitive from the last moon. Well it’s because each builds on the others and we are creatures of procrastination). Knowing your character asking - what fuels you? What brings you joy? What is it that is your deepest dreams and fears? Your purpose and dream? Then when you line those with your desires, actions, thoughts, and words, they become even more powerful and manifest almost instantly.

Root Chakra Effects and Changes:

Because we didn’t have enough understanding of the physical body and we don’t have enough spiritual consciousness to remember our past lives – there is pain encoded in our cellular memory. It is sifted off our auras each moon for balancing as part of human evolution. Up to now, we euthanize it through abuse of the body now. A significant paradigm shift that is happening over the world - we are finally learning NOT to abuse the body. The ways we harm the body - depriving it of water, eating toxic food, overeating, we abuse it was sex, drugs, physical violence, trauma, Attack, hatred, self-hatred, guilt, shame, and blame. If you don’t like the shape of your body, it’s okay to want to change it, but if you’re abusing your body to change, this won’t work. Or if trying to beat, cut or hurt the body into a particular way of being or shape, to find your sense of worth - this only create more heartache and separation.

Remember change brings inertia and lethargy (resistance); to overcome this we need to cultivate energy forces that are stronger than the force of inertia itself. We must accumulate an equal amount of energy to overcome the practiced habits located in the three lower chakras- sacral, solar, root chakras. We do this through prayer to the God of your own understanding. Through a connection with soul, community, planet care, journaling, yoga, meditation, body movement, artistic expression (cooking, art, writing, designing, decor), mindfulness, EFT, healthy sexual care & expression and self-care.

As you can see the universe has lots to say and is downloading into us! So if you are feeling off or flighty, this is why. By knowing the energies and working with whatever part is affecting you get to know yourself deeper creating more inner peace.

A perfect companion to this moon's energies is my SOURCING meditation! Find it here on my you tube channel!

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