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Full Moon in Scorpio

“Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” Lisa Nicols

The theme of this moon is of unconscious desires and a deep delving into the depths of what truly lights you up and brings us joy. It can come across strongly through relationship tensions, reflection, sexual desires, and soulmates or the think patterns associated with these.

This moon marks the halfway point to the next lunar eclipse, so its energies are softer in expression yet powerful in influence. It brings on a building from the past year where we learned our lessons and how to implement them to work specifically for us to have better lives, creating the truly fulfilling life we desired. This moon brings the unfolding more of this deeply into our auric field by encouraging us to use the lessons, open up to trust the universe, to believe in miracles and to honour our own beliefs, inner knowing and true nature.

It’s all about reclaiming our energetic birthright as spiritual warriors - our confidence, and the truth that we are, always will be and always have been ENOUGH. THEIR issues weren’t ours, and it’s not only time to forgive and let go of the past but to stop taking other peoples treatment of us as a determination of our self-worth. Which is done through acting - meditation, prayer, counseling, coaching and grief coaching are all of great benefit if any of these appeal to you.

This moon's energies are reprogramming our fields to remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience and the Angels have told me our highest purpose is to evolve humanity. The more you right in your field and through the growth into the best and most loving person you can be the more we heal all of humanity.

The spiritual warrior is on the hero’s path which is fraught with sacrifice & suffering but yields the greatest treasures from these fires. The only time we never win is if we quit. Never give up on love, remember nothing is more powerful than real unconditional love. Repeat this as often as you need.

Spiritual warriors know the end result is bigger then the individual - so even if things aren’t as you desire at this time know you are strong enough to bear it; build to last and withstand all & you will always prevail. Your purpose and dream want's you as well, do what is in front of you and keep following your heart.

We are called to stop doing things the same way we have always done them and by doing so watch miracles manifest! Even in all the “losses” your soul grew into what it needed and will continue to do so as you embrace the “dreaded,”, or the things you wish were different that torture you in endless mental loops. Our Angels are calling on us to make friends with the shame and the losses or most in-depth worst-case scenario imaginings - to unearth the lessons and wisdom within these experiences.

Some of our most challenging experiences were meant to burn. It’s the cleansing fires of the divine, your soul calling you to be more! It burns up all the energies not serving you and forces you to say “I will not be that.” Forced to face it - all of your deep fears or shame. To see that you had the strength and tools inside all along. And when you thought you couldn’t do it or take anymore, the universe showed you the warrior within. Built to stand strong no matter what, constructed to choose love, joy, and your hearts path.

By identifying a behavior or a reacquiring experience you do that you don’t want to be doing, you can witness it with love. Cultivating compassion for yourself. Then you can then call on your soul to help you face the fear and shame behind it, which dissolves it from your field. Think of where you were a year ago today. How have you grown and renewed? How are you better? Grown into more of who you are? Even if this growth was born from the deep sacrifice of the thing, you loved the most and caused suffering. How were you served? How are you more authentic? How are you better than before?

When we see the darkest parts of ourselves, we are conditioned to run with fear. But it’s actually a call from the universe to stop and DECIDE who you want to be. What kind of man or women do you desire to give to the world? What will help the whole to their highest good, we always have a choice. To run or stand up to our own programming and change it. This moon also calls for us to stop blaming others, our environment or partners for our fears or unwanted behaviors. You are your own savior and power source. To reclaim our birthright of loving power and look within to pull the root cause of the issue. Usually - fear, shame, pain or story and stop the behavior or experience once and for all.

This creates inner peace and confidence and we can redefine winning. Winning as we know it now is essentially seen as being the best or better than another. Getting the upper hand; climbing a ladder. This is why many lightworkers and empaths are not “competitive.” The universe is calling for a new definition of this within and knowing that the big picture - the evolution of humanity and unfolding of the great plan of love - follows the laws of the universe, not the ones we are seeing or are taught here on earth. You can and will win, keep choosing to act for the highest good of all and from love. Integrity based decisions at all times.

This full moon is the turning point and energetic gateway a call for you to step over the threshold to the changes you have been desperately calling or praying to have. Say goodbye to: fears of living your purpose & leading the world; “spotlight”; stirring the pot to stand for what’s real and right and true. The Angels have reassured me that as we embrace these changes and self-discovery, the past will never repeat itself, and we can find peace here.

Move by what FEELS GOOD and what feels genuinely healthy, unharmful to yourself, others or the planet as much as possible. Feel inside of you for that real sense of “yes I am meant to be HERE.” And rest in trust knowing whatever is meant to be will be yours and will be no matter what. You hold all of the guidance, map to purpose and tools inside of you, you have to ask for it to guide you.

We are reaching for the new. As individuals and as a whole, show up with your best self. Help to break the traditions not serving humanity and a legacy left by our ancestors - although well intended did not set ALL of us up for prosperity and success. Stop being politically correct and do what’s right over what’s expected or what’s been done. This heals and right wrongs in all directions of space and time. Even when World problems seem so big they are insurmountable or too much for one person, remember - 1 turns into 100, then 1000, then 1000000…ideas and habits are contagious spread love and ideas of truth.

To help prepare you to cleanse out passing energies I made a you tube on my most popular forgiveness meditation. My meditations are channeled from my spirit team and are set to cleanse your auric field and bring in new divine programming that is set to be serve your highest good.

View the meditation here:

And you can download more of my meditations for purchase at

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