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Ignite your MAGIC, heal yourself - Radiate, Divine Magnetism.


Rising Goddess

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Invest in yourself. 

Consciousness-based Health Coaching is self-awareness based processes & programs. Focused on healing destructive self-sabotage, doubt, debilitating fear, stress or worries. Whilst setting up success by establishing deliberate future behaviors, prioritizing self-care, values & health, accomplishing goals, setting up new success habits. Working at all layers body, mind, heart and spirit, for balance permeant healing, uplevels or quantum transformations. A creative relationship of discovery and evolution.


JC will be your personal advisor, confidante, and mentorship right at your fingertips. Motivating you every step of the way. 


Soul guided, quantum mindset reprogramming & energetic solution theory - focused. We bring the best healing techniques to you. Let go of information overwhelm. This process brings out the BEST version of your (Higher) Self. Helping you jump where you are now to where you DREAM and DEEPLY desire to be. 

Tune into your MAGIC

The 13 Week Program for Conscious Women to cultivate (organized, consistent) Synergy: Body, Mind, Heart - governed by Spirit. To step into their power, into meaning & take charge of their health - leadership, purpose, relationships & lifestyle, they feel deeply within they are meant to live.

Your Time
To Rise.

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Rising Goddess Program:

13 Weeks to ALCHEMIZE for a thriving life


13 Weekly Lessons via pdf, video or audio instruction on the why's & how to implement or deepen core techniques

  • 13 Modules transmissions and Soul Alchemy session healing sessions


  • Unlimited email support in between the sessions

  • Bi-Weekly LIVE Sacred Circle & Live Q&A calls monthly,  call to action & live healings

  • Community support with like minded people 

  • 1 Moon meditation gatherings per month

  • With a LIVE final Healing CIRCLE activation to integrate all the new shifts body, mind, emotions through Spirit

  • Options to add: 3 Private Group Monthly &

  • 3x Private Monthly 1:1 sessions 

  • Bonuses: Monthly yoga, training programs & herb protocols; Daily check-in’s, CTA, guided meditations & book club

Image by Silas Baisch

This program is for you...

Deep yurning to create a fullfilling happy life full of bliss, love and true happiness - but unable to or can only sustain parts 

Struggling to sustain a daily fitness, spiritual & self-care routine (I know if I could, I would be unstoppable!)

Addicted to a partner who is mistreating you or giving your crumbs or single 

Confused about your purpose or place in life or about how to stand powerfully for what important to you 

Never feel at home in current career or home (I am just a gypsy wandering.)

Lack of ability to sustain powerful manifestions of your desires

Career is thriving but feels unhappy (I can make it work here, why not everywhere else?)

Attachments to false power, identities, self-loathing, and pessimism 

Do you want to:

Tap into a highly accurate internal navigation system to glide through challenges or to best decisions

Bust out of any ruts or impossible chronic issues

Access unshakable strength, inner peace & resources to solve lifes challenges

Work you light naturally, bringing blessings and sacred beauty into life

Develop deeper inner listening & access higher senses

Connection to your akashic records, past life skills, abilities and life lessons

Embody higher & higher consciousness 

Strengthen intuitive channels 

What can I expect from the 13 weeks?

Module  1 - Foundation

Goddess Rising Program

A strong foundation for a thriving life

Divine Roots


Set our foundations for conscious connection to your highest wisdom.  Focusing on specific energetics will reharmonizes and activate unshakable confidence, stronger intuition, stress reduction & solid emotional core. Integrates a consistent daily practice alchemizing blocks & access your natural gifts to transform. 

  • 1 Basics and moon power

  • 2 Holy temple and womb channels

  • 3 The power of Sisterhood; restore the collective womb web

  • 4 Partner with a higher power

  • 5 Beauty by your terms (Body Image Pt 1)

  • 6 Woman I desire to be

  • 7 Soul retrieval JE part one

  • 8 Security, provider protection GE part two

  • 9 Divine sensuality

  • 10 Emotional intelligence

  • 11 Emotional alchemy

  • 12 Fertility and renewal – the womb as a sacred space

  • 13 Movement & detox (body image part two)


Radiance - 3 Private GROUP Integration Sessions

Building your radiance with daily nourishing rituals that manifest success, glow and unleveling. Exploring skills, blasting resistance & deep inner consciousness reprogramming. Re-attune to natural intuitional time & rebuild your relationships to Gaia mother earth. Reset Your Ability to Magnetize. And get the extra in depth experience of Private GROUP coaching


Divine Roots OPTION = + Add 3 monthly private group Integration Sessions

  • Build community ​

  • Alchemizing the shadows 

  • Re-programming the unconscious 

  • Attracting powerfully in stillness 

  • Chakra, Soul, Womb, heart - fractures repair 

  • Return to yourself: FEELing You & your needs 

  • Intimacy restoration 

  • Sacred Fem & Mas repair, balance & attainment

  • MAN-i-festing your LOVE

  • Feelings board 

  • Sisterhood restored 

  • Gaia’s codex & the Heavens 


Illuminate -  3 Private 1:1 Integration Sessions

Divine Roots OPTION = + Add 3 monthly 1:1 group Integration Sessions


  • Crystal Healing

  • Energy grids (sacred geometry)

  • Activations of skills & insights that 

  • Cellular sovereignty & Boundaries 

  • Divine sensuality - releasing pain addiction and corruption

  • Karma cleanse 

  • Crystalline auric field restoration (holiness) 

  • Understand SOUL contracts

  • Innocence & purity 

  • Reclaim initiations & past life learning 

  • Ecstatic joy expression at all layers 

  • Boundless energy 


Possible side effects include >>







•Influx of money/abundance

•Deepened relationships

•More respect for yourself and from others



•Inner peace


of clients reported improved relationships 


of clients reported improved self-confidence


of clients reported improved work performance

Collected from the International Coaching Federation

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran


Book a 30 min discovery call where together we will get clear & connected.  Mapping out your next year in Soul and Purpose. My gift to you!

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