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ENERGY - The Program

ENERGY - The Program


Ever wish you could turn back the time on your cells...Eastern medicine and sacred techniques anti-aging practices (used by our ancestors) can help you cultivate the ENERGY you need to thrive. 


Cut through the overwhelm, expereince boundless energy, glowing skin, metabolic support, healthy digestion - as you will see what choices we make morning and night can make a HUGE difference. 


This programs includes:

Energy - Master E-BOOK packed with recommended herbs, companies, practices, master tips and tricks to have vital cellular health to anchor more health, youthfulness & motivation, in your body. Most of all have more ENERGY at all layers, all levels to LIVE the life of your dreams. 


Also inluded:

- 1 AM & 1 PM Pranyama Yoga Practices (2)

- 5 Yoga Sessions for energy, invigoration & youthful vitality

- 7 Day Hiit Challenge with scedule and video workout instructions

- Moon MAP: Full Moon Releasing Journal Template

- Moon MAP: New Moon Manifesting Journal Template

- Moon MAP: Gratitude Journal Template

-Bounes: Crystal Programming 

-Bounes: Crystal Healing Circle Set-up

-Bounes: Signature Sourcing + Divine Rooting Guided Meditation

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