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Womans Health & Empowerment Program

Private Coaching

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Stuck? I can help...

Quick Answer: The best investment you will ever make in yourself, life & health.

Consciousness-based Life Coaching is self-awareness based processes. Focused on healing destructive self-sabotage, doubt, debilitating fear, stress or worries. Whilst setting up success by establishing deliberate future behaviors, prioritizing self-care, values & health, accomplishing goals, setting up new success habits. A creative relationship of discovery and evolution. Personal advisor, confidante, and mentorship right at your fingertips. Motivating you every step of the way. 


Soul guided, mindset reprogramming & solution theory focused we bring the best healing techniques to you. Let go of information overwhelm. This process brings out the BEST version of your (Higher) Self. Helping you jump where you are now to where you DREAM and DEEPLY desire to be. 

Goddess Rising

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13 Weeks to ALCHEMIZE Soul into your Life.


  • 13 weeks of hands on training with me personally


  • 13 weeks of pdf, video or audio instruction on why and how to implement or deepen core techniques


  • 13 one on one private coaching sessions over the phone with me personally


  • 6 Workout programs 

  • Intermittent fasting guide and instructions


  • Biohacking Nutrients Schedule and Supplements guide (Including Shopping list and Schedule)


  • Cellular Nutrition Eating Schedule with outline and guidelines 


  • Email support in between the calls​

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Help Has Arrived...

Struggling to sustain a daily fitness, spiritual & self-care routine (I know if I could, I would be unstoppable!)

Addicted to a partner who is mistreating you or giving your crumbs (I want true love! Where is HE?)

Never feel at home in current career or home (I am just a gypsy wandering.)

Career is thriving but feels unhappy (I can make it work here, why not everywhere else?)

Fake confidence and self-love, but want to love yourself (How do others have it together and I don't? I am such a screw-up.)

Horrible moontime - cramps, bloating, pain or chronic cysts, pcos, candid issues, anger, insecurity deep dives

Fertility Issues

Weight gain, emotional eating, weight fluctuations, low energy, poor sleep, poor moods and poor stress coping habits

Sexual or abuse trauma that sticks

Failure to launch (manifest) or create a thriving happy life of your  dreams - nested and financially secure

What can I expect from the 13 weeks?

Module  1 - Foundation


of clients reported improved relationships 


of clients reported improved self-confidence


of clients reported improved work performance

Collected from the International Coaching Federation

Goddess Rising Program

Set Your Foundation For a Thriving Life



Five weeks will set our Foundation for conscious connection, great health & shape. Unshakable confidence, stress reduction & solid emotional core. This introduction will easily integrate a consistent practice of:

  • Yoga

  •  Jade Egg

  • Cellular (Biohacking) Nutrition

  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Mindset & Emotional (Intelligence) reshaping

  • Lemurian Energy Healing (DNA & Auric Programming)

  • Strength Conditioning (quick effective home-based programs with minimal equipment) 

It's a fun, simple & motivating process!



Four week shift deeper into Self-care practices & daily nourishing rituals that manifest success. Exploring skills, blasting resistance & mindset reframing. Re-attune to natural time & rebuild your relationships to necessities of life

Goddess Rising will create:

  • Skills to uncover any hidden patterns of sabotage

  • Activation all the Goddess Aspects within 

  • Lemurian energy sessions removing resistance, trauma, stuck habits 

  • Body reshaping & physical energy levels upshift

  • Mindset shifts reframe to establish self-trust, empowered action & excel consciousness

  • Palpable magnetism as desires manifest 

  • A deep love affair with YOU (Higher Self)

  • Structure & routines that set you free



The last four weeks we will harness the power of:


  • HIGHER guidance - tuning within first

  • Birthing emotional language for authentic truth sharing (emotional intelligence)

  • Living in magnificent feminine presence (birthright)

  • Wonder Woman mindset & confidence

  • Nourishment & gift of our personal monthly moon cycles

  • Building vulnerability = Strong emotional core with the warm, loving & approachable exterior (increase magnetism & attraction)

  • Sustaining all changes

  • Advancing the practices (solo)

  • Integration & fluid shifting between all Goddess aspects within


With final healing activation to integrate all the new shifts body, mind, emotions through Spirit. 

Possible side effects include >>







•Influx of money/abundance

•Deepened relationships

•More respect for yourself and from others



•Inner peace

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Questions Before You Commit?

Book a 30 min discovery call where together we will get clear & connected.  Mapping out your next year in Soul and Purpose. My gift to you!

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