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Nutritional Coaching

The Body Is Your Temple To Build Your Dreams With.  How Will You Fuel It?

Food is fuel - medicine, energy and fat incinerating

Meet Your Coach

Transformational Wellness Coach

Since 2009, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in their health goals. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better habits to create a full happy and healthy life! With certifications, experience, and training in Strength Conditioning, Fitness Nutrition, Akhanda Yoga, Pranic Healing, Holodynamics Life Coaching, Financial Management and Lemurian Healing. Bringing in a complete holistic toolkit to help you build the life of your dreams!

“As a transformational coach, I believe in creating my own work alongside celebrating other great work. Using what is effective from years of practice on myself and clients with wholistic nutrition, herbal remedies and natural supplementation support with my own signature touch, organization, and programming.”

Jayde Crystal Gravel


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Does This Sound Like You?

You’re not alone my friend…

“I feel like food controls my life.”

“I use food to anesthetized my anxieties, failures, judgements and mental worries.”

“I use food to ground my emotions. Food soothes me.”

“I want to change my lifestyle but just have to wait for…(insert your reason here). ”

“I am doing everything right. I eat healthy but I am stuck with them last stubborn pounds.”

“My health needs to be my priority.  I am ready.”

“My friend found the right coach and it’s made all the difference. I wonder if I should get a coach?”


Why? My Story.

Full of Self loathing. Overeating all day long. Addicted to toxic foods. The person I dreamt of being seemed so far from where I was…

I have lived this a prisoner in my own body, eating myself into a comma to deal with social anxieties and un-dealt with traumas.  I exploded into a whopping 260lbs on a 5’5 frame. Chronic hip, back and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel and deep emotional wounds I comforted with overeating, which eventually lead me through a spiral of self-loathing and birthed other addictions both physical and emotional.  I knew who I wanted to be but not how to get there. In 2009 I had enough, so I got to work enrolled in a personal training program & started to study nutrition obsessively. 

​Within a year I lost 120lbs, but I immediately recognized that food was still controlling me.  I could eat massive amounts of food, amounts that would shock people.  Not only that, I was addicted to processed, chemical laden, toxic and non-living food. I loved it and couldn't stop eating it. So I went to work on myself and my clients, continually studying and applying different techniques until I found systems that work for each body type. As well as how to motivate, energize and deal with the resistance that plagues us all. Aligning myself with the best techniques while recognizing each body type has its rhythms and systems that will work for it. Then finally addressing the mental aspects of how we see ourselves, hold ourselves back and how we can reprogram the mind for the successful pursuit of any goal. 

A better life starts within ourselves. I know each of you holds more power then you realize, and I want to help you uncover that. It's time to put all the love, effort and attention that you put into others or into holding yourself back into YOU. The time is now, even if it's not with this program; even if you decide I am not the right coach for you, don't give up! 

I believe in you! I know you can do this! I want to help as many people as possible because happy people create a better world!  I believe it starts with better health, more energy, body movement and feeding your cells the nourishment it craves.  Healthy people are happier - no matter where you are right now, I know you can get to where you want to be because I have helped myself and others get there.

Friends Eating Dinner

“In almost all situations there are no right or wrong decisions, there’s only what you decide. And then your opportunity to make it right.”

Dr. John Berardi

3 Myths About Nutrition

“Herbs & Supplements Don't Work, Are Full Of Chemicals, Fillers.”

Myth 1

Ok, so this one can be true...We aren’t always getting the purity that the label promised. Not all products are equal, in an unregulated industry. You have to be careful about what you’re ingesting. Herbs that are correctly processed, raw or naturally sourced can make ALL the difference in igniting metabolism, visible body changes, immune system, energy levels and turning back the biological clock. Changes that you never get with conventional medicines or placebos. Plus it’s free from nasty side effects of traditional medications.

“Eating Healthy Is So Expensive.”

Myth 2

We're marketed to in such a way that we feel like it’s cheaper, healthier & convenient to grab something quick.  But at what cost? We have society sicker than ever. Ever think of what it costs to transport food not to mention the tonnes of chemical required to get the food to us ‘fresh?’  The more nutritiously dense the food is, the more it will satisfies you, you eat less, have more energy, plus boosts metabolism & immune system. Buying the healthiest option is voting with our dollars bringing the prices go down, no more extra expensive medicine, mood stability, reduced stress = HAPPINESS = no overspending.

“The Label Says It’s “Natural” And “Organic” So It’s Good For Me.”

Myth 3

Again we come back to loosely regulated industries it’s getting better as we educate ourselves and vote with our dollars on that knowledge. Learning to read ingredient panels and labels are essential to excellent health. There can be companies whose name and trademark is organic.  Or they can put “organic” on a label that has one drop of organic essential oil and the rest of the ingredients complete toxic chemicals. Identifying the mislabeling and training yourself to count nutrients compared to chemicals, not calories to improve healthy immediately.

Choose. Act. Redesign.

Eat To Fuel And Nourish Your Life.


…Creating a new relationship with the body and food 

…Increased happiness

…Increased lean muscle or fat loss depending on goals

…Metabolism rest

…Increased energy, better sleep, happiness, nutritional identification and confidence

…​New mindset

…Improved immune system, skin tone, and texture

…Lifestyle changes

…Improved strength conditioning and cardiovascular endurance

…Major confidence

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food.”



Supporting People Who...

…Want more energy & stronger immune system

…When they want to make a complete lifestyle overhaul

…Can improve skin conditions and stress related illnesses 

…Want to clean up health, habits and increase their nutrition skills 

…Want to lose the last 10-20lbs of stubborn fat but have been struggling 

…Struggling with Asthma but want to make strength and nutritional gains

…When they have already lost a lot of weight but have plateaued, and current program is not working for them

…Have a moderately healthy lifestyle already but want to improve even further and take body goals to the next level

Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad

"There is always a way. If you're committed."

Tony Robbins

90-Day Nutrition Reset Program

12 Consultations = Lifestyle Transformation

Ignite Phase

Weeks 1-4

Get into your flow, and know the plan for success! 12 Weeks of food organization, frequency of meals, specific macro amounts & timing.  With office and home set up and redesign for maximum results! We will also decide if training will be a part of this program or added on later. Mental Reset, Supplementation, Rest & Recovery, Processed foods, Social Events and Eating Out - Part 1 Modules

Rev Up Phase

Weeks 5-8

This phase we will go over the program to make any changes needed for your specific body type.  We will also review your detoxification benefits and schedule. With modules on processed foods - reading grocery labels, shopping guidance & identifying food packings lies or misinformation. In addition to the Mental Reset, Supplementation, Rest & Recovery, Processed foods, Social Events and Eating Out - Part 2 Modules

Expert phase

Weeks 9-12

Program review & summary. By this phase, you  will know how to eat for your body and in this final phase, we will go over how to calculate macros yourself for any training goal specific to your body. You will have established a new relationship with food and the body. Training & Intermittent fasting (optional) & substitutions for better health. Mental Reset, Supplementation, Rest & Recovery, Processed foods, Social Events and Eating Out Part 3 Modules

90-Day Nutrition Reset Program Curriculum 

Action creates results. Included in your 90 day program:

Mindset Reprogramming Segment

Mental Reset Supports Lasting Changes

Blasts through resistance and create lasting habits with a daily routine. Easy and quick exercises in EFT, Mediation, Journaling, Creating Tomorrow, Mirror Work and Affirmations. These are the building blocks that create permeant, lasting changes in your mind, body, and lifestyle.
We will also be using this system to address resistance.  How to properly use supplements and what supplements are right for your body. The three-part modules on processed foods will educate you on GMO genetically engineered food and its effects on the body. Correctly reading grocery labels & identifying food packings lies or misinformation. As well as shopping guidance to help you save time, money and choose the healthiest options.
Finally, we will cover emergency plans and best practices when eating out or navigating social situations where food is the main event!  Making you a savvy, health-conscious maverick without alienating yourself and motivating others. 
You will receive step by step instructions on the layout on how to best use these tools to reprogram your mind and lifestyle to support ongoing health, wellness, and activity beyond this 12-week program.

Couple Holding Hands

Intermittent Fasting & Detox Plan

Accelerated Weight Loss Component

With the dream body program, you will receive your choice of a customized detox schedule or intermittent fasting introduction and outline! 

Detoxing helps rid the body of Candida & Parasites.  Two of the most under-diagnosed causes of excess weight, inability to get weight off, low energy, chronic pain, slow metabolism, joint pain or degeneration, hormonal imbalances and skin conditions. Detox is a key component to weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting is a lifestyle or a cycle of eating that vacillates between a period of fasting and non-fasting that accelerate loss, amps up metabolism improves body function and overall health.  In a society were overeating is the norm intermittent fasting programs can help give the digestive system the break it needs to help blast through plateau’s. It has been scientifically shown to stimulate stem cell production and regeneration as well as stimulate your body’s natural cycle of growth hormone production at any age. Helps to build your dream health scenario!

Tea Set

Rest & Recovery Component

Recovery activity is a vital component of any health regime

One of the essential components of any health program is adequate rest and recovery.  Proper recovery to allow your energy systems to adjust to the nutritional changes, detoxification, training, and frequency of eating is vital. 
You will have one on one coaching and support during these changes. We will be tracking the natural cycles of your body to schedule proper rest phasing to maximize your health benefits. Exploring your relationship with the body and where the communication between you and it, your natural inclinations & internal health guidance system have halted. Pleasure and enjoyment are also significant components of the customization process and are the foundation of this program.




Flexibility Creates Strength & Definition

7 Day Yoga schedule to accelerate results, stress management, relaxation, additional detoxification, energy and hormone balancing.


3 Akhanda Yoga Session Video Workout (Valued @ $300)

2 Yin Yoga Session Video Workout (Valued @ $200)


3 Months of Workouts

At home or in the gym! Together we choose the right program for you. Choose from:

HIIT for the gym or at home - quick, easy, training for anytime, anywhere to amp up fat loss, build muscle and turn back the clock

Periodized Weight training program for muscle building  

Periodized Body Weight workout for building shape at home or on the go


Email, Text, Video, Phone

One on one support how you need it.
It’s important to me that you feel taken care of during this process. Checking in with you on a weekly schedule for your lesson & progress intake session is a part of your commitment to your 12-week plan. I will be available daily by email and text a few times per day during regular business hours for any questions or program adjustments you may need.

Want more information?

Egg and Spinach Salad

90 Day Nutrition &Reset Program

As described above...

Full 90 meal plans specific to your fitness goals, mindset training, optional fasting instructions. Shopping lists, meditations, kitchen/pantry overhaul, detox and phased

innutrient support.

Body Reset Detox Only Program

Clean up your entire system for better health.

Learn how to identify harmful free radicals and toxins within food 

and your system. Cleanse. Renew. Reset you body temple.

Intermittent & Hard fasting options available


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