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Corporate Wellness

Want To Make A Real Difference In The Health of Your Employees? Corporate Yoga & Fitness Based Wellness Workshops Are The Answer!


Meet your Coach

Yogini & Health Coach

Since 2009, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in their health goals. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better habits to create a full happy and healthy life! With certifications, experience, and training in Strength Conditioning, Fitness Nutrition, Akhanda Yoga, Pranic Healing, Holodynamics Life Coaching, Financial Management and Lemurian Healing. Bringing in a complete holistic toolkit to help you build the life of your dreams!

“As a transformational coach, I believe in creating my own work alongside celebrating other great work. Using what is effective so you will see a blending of coaching practices, Yin yoga, Akhanda yoga, mediations, kundalini yoga, pranayama, tools and prayers in this work that celebrates other respected people, in this healing field - with my own unique touch, organization, and programs.”

Jayde Crystal Gravel

Wellness in the workplace benefits your team and your bottomline.

Why Corporate Wellness?

In the new modern socially and planetary conscious workplace offering comprehensive wellness and healthy options with a focus on mind-body balance. Motivating, scalable and secure to integrate into ones’ lifestyle is an absolute essential for any evolving 21-century successful business model. A well-rounded program that meets all fitness levels with a mind-body approach that empowers each and lays the groundwork for success is vital.  If you have a comfortable space and a group of motivated people with a desire for a happier and healthier life, we can bring a fun, exhilarating and educational program just about anywhere!

“Empower your workforce, energize your culture & better your business.”


Of Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Build a robust, co-operative team & community within your company

  • Be greeted by a workforce that is healthy, happy and motivated

  • Lower sick, stress leave and complacency 

  • Increase profit, creativity, and productivity

  • Reduce injury, WCB or disability claims

  • Cultivate the mindset to manage financial Stress 

  • Improve overall well being

  • Stress management skills & tools

  • Increase energy, health and overall well-being of your employees

  • Improved communication skills, building confidence 

  • Tools to handle strong emotions or conflicts in the workplace

  • Diverse workplace impact and inclusion

  • Promotes mental health at work identification and management

  • Physical fitness - improved cardiovascular health and strength conditioning

  • Linking safety & happiness with wellness 

  • Culturally relevant perks seen company wide

“Yoga is the journey of the Self,

through the self, to the Self.”

~ The Bhagavad Gita

Image by Erik Brolin

Corporate Wellness

Program Options

Practicing Yoga

Yoga Based Wellness Program

Training components that blend Akhanda Yoga with nourishing yin practice for flexibility, strength, office reposturing, and improved health.  With basic pranayama exercises for stress relief and improved cardiovascular health. Touching on the benefits of yoga, how to sustain a self-led practice & yogic philosophy woven in to establish self-discipline, passion & live in integrity.


Also including mindfulness training components, equipping your team & corporate culture with simple and effective strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace. Mindfulness aids in the management of worry, depression, anxiety, rumination - reducing stress, anxiety attacks and enhancing the overall enjoyment of life.  


Invigorating and exciting program includes

12-week program

  • 2 Monthly Immersion sessions (2 hours) per week

  • 5x 30 min lunch hour yoga classes

  • 2 x weekly Reboot Sessions: 1.5 hour long sessions on nutrition & Pranayama for stress management


*Custom plans available

Team Talk

Blended: Yoga & Fitness Wellness Program

Our two programs blended together into one fully rounded program!  Experience a balanced program of HIIT, strength conditioning combined with Akhanda and yin yoga training.  Mindset reprogramming exercise, pranayama and mindfulness training segments to give your team the tools they need to manage, stress, anxiety and difficult situations. How to implement a weekly fitness mindfulness & flexibility schedule that fits your life. Creating a full, healthy, active life full of well being. Paired with the structure and benefits of a simple, delicious and easy dense nutrition plan. With a focus on creating health tailored to the individual’s needs through - form, follow through, addressing resistance and the enormous health benefits of even shortened, daily segments of exercise.


12-week program

  • 2 Monthly Immersion sessions Yoga & Hiit (2 hours) per week

  • 5x 40 min lunch hour yoga/hiit classes

  • 2 x weekly Reboot Sessions: 1.5 hour long sessions on nutrition & Pranayama for stress management, proper form and minor injury rehabilitation


*Custom plans available

Outdoor Aerobics

Fitness Based Wellness Program

Training components that blend of yoga, strength conditioning, weight training and meditation With mindset reprogramming to support sustained health, long-term weigh management & as described above. Additionally including HIIT to show how one can make vast improvements to health with short commitments to exercise. Concluding with educating your workforce on the benefits of a simple, delicious and easy dense nutititon.

12-week program

  • 2 Monthly Immersion sessions (2 hours) per week

  • 5x 30 min lunch hour yoga classes

  • 2 x weekly Reboot Sessions: 1.5 hour long sessions on nutrition & Pranayama for stress management


*Custom plans available


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