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Lemurian Principles

Healing Through Sacred Feminine Wisdom & Ancient Principles.

Restore your energy body to full CRYSTALINE wholeness. Restore your gifts, stand in your purpose & health. Radiate your true nature.

Lemurian Roots

Culture and Principles

Accessing Harmony Codes

  • Earth waters, forests, mountains provide our nourishment

  • Source & Gaia guides us through nature and light codes

  • Producing own food and nourishment together with community

  • Commune with Gaia - the Soul of Earth

  • Flow with natural moon cycles & calendar

  • Sacred Relationship

  • Activation of Health and Eternal Youthfulness

Accessing Ancient Wisdom

  • Cultivation of light codes through exploring: nature, the breath of life, song, intention

  • Access HS communication systems of peace and non-harm 

  • DIVINE Matrix & Akashic records for: health practices, guides, ancestors and consciousness evolving dimensions through “imagination,” meditation - third eye, Ajna Chakra

  • Lightbeings can safely access all elements and parts of the earth (ie:breath underwater/ Walk during volcano)

  • Master crafters and builders; we are vibrational beings

  • ART, writing, meditation for dreaming, therapy or community 

  • No harm or suffering to others; manage and transmute personal suffering

  • Source & Gaia guides us through nature and light codes

  • Commune with Gaia - the Soul of Earth

  • Flow with natural moon cycles & calendar

  • Sacred Relationship

  • Activation of self-healing skills for supreme health, strength and longevity

Celebration & Community

  • Fun & play while accomplishing tasks or work

  • Community business, harmony (united) and cooperation

  • Connection to nature codes, to co-create a living synergy of harmony, balance, nourishment, art & joy that enriches personal & community’s prosperity

  • Cultivation of light codes through exploring: nature, the breath of life, song, intention

  • Multiple currencies, trade, harmonious and sustainable

  • Business or small working fees that go to community enhancement & management

  • Free community services & collective mass mapping/planning

  • Full Moon, solstice and equinox dance & gatherings

  • Monthly, weekly, daily meditation, dances, drum circles, story fire circles & physical activities

Auric Layers 

Healing at all levels. 

5 Dimension Tools & Connection.

Engagement Ring

We are vibrational beings. Create with intention.

Spirit Body


Live in compassion, mercy balanced with severity, joy & inner peace.


Create beauty, magnetism & that “glow.”


Better sleeps and energy to create your greatest dreams.


Connect to your Soul (Self) & inner wisdom.


Create Self-love and clarity - knowing you are always guided by a higher intelligence rooted in Unconditional Love.


Dissolve stress and fear - always know what to do.


Enhance prosperity by building an abundant energy field, actions & mindset.


Create purpose, an exciting life, deep relationships & business you love.


Create the deep fulfilling relationships of your dreams - stop waiting for someone to “save” you.

Molecules Bio

Steer your life towards vibrancy. Choose. Decide.

Mental Body

True & lasting happiness.

Behaviour changes & control over your thoughts.

Create true intimacy.

Create a bulletproof mindset to fear.

Prosperity mindset. 

Improve memory & connection to the wisdom of the Universal mind.

Positive mindset.

Create a truly motivating life, full of positivity, true intimacy & happiness.

Access a limitless guidance system and internal map that guides you to your best experiences.

Connection to the Universal mind and web - stimulating creativity & deep understanding of all that is

Older man with nurse

Manifest your deepest desires. Fuelled by joy.

Emotional Body

Behaviour changes & control over your emotions.

Release envy & other stuck emotions; avoid burnout and anxiety.

Live feeling safe, free from fears & with courage.

Emotional intelligence & clarity - always know what to do.

Release love addiction & toxic relational patterns.

Create the emotional safety & space for true intimacy.

Bring the depth of feeling & aliveness back to all you do.

Enhance the senses; deepen orgasm & sensual body.

Athletic Woman

The temple of dreams and purpose. Fuel it well.

Physical Body

Live a fully healthy, active lifestyle.

Improved weight loss, energy levels, youthfulness, shape & strength improvements.

Let your body guide you to what it needs nutritionally.

Heal your joints, bones, muscles, immune system & many chronic conditions.

Reconnect with nature & the planet.

Learn your body’s language and communication system for better health & energy.

Strengthened intuition & “gut” hunches.

Divine. Alignment.

A great web of conscious, unconditional love, information, archives of creation - that aligns and births the Souls in all Hearts.


I respect your beliefs and your definition of a higher power. My resonance rests in Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Unity, and Peace.


The Source origin of energy in which all life emanates. A dynamic field of information (energy), consciousness divine matrix. With the ability to spark anything and everything. Unconditional Loving with Yin & Yang expressions. A power always available to guide, nourish, repair and restore us back to our pure health at all levels & joy.


God is omnipresent, is us & is LOVE.  Creator is everything - our Souls, the animals, nature. This presence is always working through us to evolve into more love, integrate our shadow sides. 

Divinity is ever communicating itself through the forms, language, and symbols that work best for your life experience and Soul language. Lemurian Healing is aligned to work with you and meet you where your belief system or Soul language aligns. 

All is one and aligned with Unconditional Love and Light of the Universe. 

Creator and the team of master teachers, committed to free all beings from suffering. Show up for us how we need, dependent on our life circumstances. The experiences of Deities, Angels, Sister Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints or Lightworkers - are just different aspects of Spirit expressing & experiencing itself. 





Words you will hear me us interchangeably with God - Universe, The Divine, One God, Divine Creator, Creator of All Things, Divinity, Creators', Spirit, All-Knowing, The One, Allah. Collectively or singly as Father and Mother God. The word "Soul"  could be interchanged with Full Potential Self, Self, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, Christ Self, Christ Consciousness, Vibrational being. 


Lemurian Healing 

Create freedom, peace, and connection in all areas of life.

Lemurian Energy Session

One On One. Online or In Person.


The main focus of this service is to read, balance, clean and reprogram the energy field.  Immediately creating more inner peace and happiness! Setting you up to succeed, make healthful changes, perform better, rebalance health and support a positive mindset. Think to increase in abundance, a deeper connection to loved ones & opportunity.


There are numerous benefits to energy work some are: enhanced prosperity, global healing, increased manifesting abilities, clarity of intentions, a deeper connection to Source, and unconditional love. Release from curses, negative ancestral patterns or belief systems. Creating sustainable behaviour changes and mental habits; healing from long-standing wounds & childhood traumas; psychological, emotional & stress management skills; clearing the negative energy from the field.  This work provides deep cellular, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. 


Available internationally through distance healing over your favourite video platform or in-person if in Canada, Alberta


Book Now

$150 Initial Session

(Your first session is 1.5 -2h)


$90 1 hr

$50 30 m

$40 15 m

Purchase 4 sessions upfront and get your 5th free!

White Arched Ceiling

Lemurian Oracle Healings 

One On One. Online or In Person.

Oracle Healings combine our beautiful Lemurian energy balancing with Angelic guidance and check-in's (readings) that are based on healing and unconditional love, reading the energy field and empowering the individual with actions they can take that will best improve their lives now.  Connecting you to your Divine Souls' specific guidance for your life experience and body. With auric field reprogramming components that renew and rest cells down the DNA levels.


A quick and easy, fail-proof way to connect to your intuition, love, and God. Card readings are also a good way to confirm the difference true divine guidance (intuition) or fear-based ego directives. It can help create instant emotional balance, clarity in choices and ease anxiety. Readings offer deep insight into yourself, life, the meaning of repetitive experiences or patterns.  It can also point you in clear directions when faced with difficult or conflicting decisions in life.


Available internationally through distance healing over your favourite video platform or in-person if in Canada, Alberta

Book Now

$150 Initial Session

(Your first session is 1.5 -2h)


$90 1 hr

$50 30 m

$30 15 m

Purchase 4 sessions upfront and get your 5th free!

Jumping Under Arch

Lemurian Past Life Regression Therapy Session

One On One. Online or In Person.


In this 2-hour long session, we will delve deeply yet gently into your past lives and their effects, from chronic illnesses, unexplained phobias, recurring toxic relationship patterns, stuck behaviour patterns, negative thinking patterns, money issues are just a few of the many ways unchecked energy can effect in your world.  Clearing what is no longer needed and integrating new coding into the energy field to balance and create a renewed you!  You don’t need to know your past stories to release them, we can effectively and gently remove unwanted energies from the field. Creating immediate relief and release from the effects of obsessive thinking, inner turmoil, and traumatic memories! Reset the energy of your past lives is a healing that continues to unfold after the session is complete. Cultivating happiness, balance, health, prosperity and immediate peace.


Available internationally through distance healing over your favourite video platform or in-person if in Canada, Alberta


Book Now

$200 Session

2 hour session

Bright Living Room

Lemurian Energy Space Clearing

Get the Most out of Life

Purify, refresh and energize your space with pure divine light and love! Feel unwanted or ungrounded energy or spirits in your home? Want to bless your home & create the ultimate sanctuary?  Since your house, (townhouse, condo, apartment) is the space, you ground and root your Soul - it needs to be set to your unique vibration.  If it's a shared space and you are an empath it needs to be contained energetically so that you don't absorb unwanted energy influences!  

A Lemurian Space Clearing boosts positive vibes in your not only in the house but also uplifts your life in key areas like finances, career & relationships!  As vibrational beings, fostering better energy in the space you sleep & spend most of your relaxation time can improve your manifestation abilities, mindset, comfort, mental clarity, and performance. It is essential that you create a positive, beautiful, clean space - in which you can thrive! Effortlessly feel better in your home after a negative experience such as a bad break-up, illness or conflicts in the area. 

Fostering positive vibes of inner peace, unconditional love, an overall feeling of safety and sanctuary will increase your effectiveness and position you for success! 


Book Now

$100 Initial Session

Purchase 4 sessions upfront and get your 5th free!

Buddha Statue

Meditation - Daily Practice

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Learn to connect with the unlimited light and love of the universe to recharge and renew every layer of your being.  Connect to Divine and your Spirit team for deep soul and cellular healing, guidance, and direction. Reclaim your inner peace and power in unconditional love. 


All ages can learn & benefit from this Online 12- Week Meditation Training. Train at your pace with digital downloads including: 


1. The fundamentals of building your own unique healing practice & meditation program 

2. Establishing a daily spiritual practice around your life & beliefs

3. Ancient principles & philosophy of meditation from many linages

4. Recorded guided meditational practices  x4

5. Scalable Meditation techniques - to use in moments of extreme stress or on the go


Includes 6 x 30-45 minute sessions.  Available internationally through distance healing over your favorite video platform or in person if in Canada, Alberta


Book Now

$333 Initial Session

 40 day program

**Payment plan of 3 Monthly Payments of $111 or 6 Bi-weekly Payments of $55.10 available upon request!

Want To Work With Me?

Here is how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. You can do that right here by clicking the yellow button.



OR scroll our services above this paragraph and email me through a specific link. 


Step 2. Watch your email for questions from me. Before we hop on the phone, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.



Step 3. Hit “reply” to that email and answer the questions.


Step 4. At the scheduled time of your consult (or session), we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.


Step 5. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.



Have questions? Email me 

Q: What is a Lemurian Healing Session like?

A: Soul healing layer by layer: Body. Mind. Heart. Spirit.


Situated in the middle of a crystal healing circle and energetic, sacred geometrical grid.  Palpable - the work is done through light, intention, channelling, and intuition.  


  • Part ORACLE reading activating Soul guidance (actionable steps & tools) specifically cultivating a unique path FULL of clarity, joy, health, love.

  • Part ENERGY healing - bringing in LIGHTOCDES to the aura to foster measurable transformation at all levels. Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

You do not have to be in the room, city, country or area to feel or receive the healing. This allows for global accessibility! 


Sessions will vary with each individual and are done distantly & in person - by telephone, video or online platforms or in my healing room.


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